Doyenne Capital has taken an active role in the formation and management of seed and early-stage companies. These types of investments give us the best opportunity to influence a company’s success — and can also produce very appealing returns.

What We Look For:

 ◦ An innovative solution that presents a novel approach at the leading edge of industry trends

◦ A disruptive trend or technology that changes industry dynamics, a business model that is hard to replicate or a business that has patent-protected products

◦ A “painkiller” that addresses a critical market need by alleviating a significant problem



We seek companies with potential for significant growth in information, financial technology, healthcare, fashion and ecommerce. And as opportunistic investors, we are always looking in other industries for companies with the potential to generate exceptional returns.

When we uncover opportunities outside our areas of expertise, we tap into our robust network of advisors and mentors who have expertise across various industries and competencies. This external network allows us to expand our investment universe — and creates a significant competitive advantage for the firm.


We specialize in identifying promising companies in Canada, but are always open to looking into companies that want to enter the Canadian market.

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